Offline Affiliate Marketing Methods That Work

by VaNessa Duplessie on April 14, 2014 · 0 comments

I have a background that stems from over a dozen years in offline marketing methods. A true corporate and retail business background.
When we come online we forget some of those tried and true methods still work, day in and day out.

When most of us launch an affiliate marketing campaign, we invest all of our resources in creating online content to drive traffic to blogs, social media, info products, videos, etc. But almost everybody forgets that there are lots of great ways to promote your site offline as well. In fact, offline promotion can be more effective because it involves human contact. Your customers don’t just hear about you online, and this builds trust. Here are just a few ways you can get your URL out there.

Business Cards

Print your URL on business cards and leave a few behind everywhere you go. You can have business cards printed cheaply online or use software that lets you print your own. Leave them at local businesses where your target market might hang out. Give them to absolutely everyone whether you think they’re interested or not, because it’s a numbers game.


The same goes for flyers. They’re cheap and easy to produce by yourself. All you need is a printer. Leave them in stores, under windshield wipers, on kiosks and bulletin boards, and anywhere else where eyes are looking. You can also hire people across the country to distribute your fliers for you. Give each its own URL and track sales to see which locations are the best.

Promotional Merchandise

All of your offline marketing materials from posters to brochures should have your redirect URL printed on them. If you create promotional merchandise like t-shirts, mouse pads or coffee mugs, make sure they have your link as well.

QR Codes

Using QR codes will get even more people checking out your site. The QR code is the modern bar code. It’s a square black-and-white code that people can scan with their smartphones. Instead of having to type in the URL, the code directs their smartphone browser directly to your site. People are much more likely to check out your site if you make it as easy as possible for them. QR codes can go anywhere, including the promotional merchandise mentioned above.

Classified Ads

Take out an ad in your local paper (or papers in cities where your niche is big). Write a quick, compelling advertisement that emphasizes the benefits your customers will receive and give them the URL with a strong call to action. This is a small expense that can bring you great profits.

Your Car

You don’t need a sign on the driver’s side door. All you need is a small sticker placed in a noticeable spot with a few words and your URL. Noticeable spots include your back bumper, the front windshield and next to the brand name of your car or your stereo system.

Talk to People

All of the above strategies are great because they involve human, offline contact. But what’s even more effective is when you get out there and talk about your product face-to-face. Wherever you go ñ the mall, the gym, the bar, the park ñ get to know people and talk to them about your business. Spread the word and your target audience will find you.

Offline marketing with online marketing techniques can be a powerful combination when you choose it to be.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Drop me a comment or a share! You never know when the message you pass on is the one that helps someone else.


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