Masterminds and Life – Group Creativity

by VaNessa Duplessie on September 30, 2014 · 0 comments

It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner, a mom, or the CEO of a major corporation. Sometimes you just can’t find the motivation to think outside the box or be the least bit creative. It’s times like this that you need to seek some inspiration from others, and one way to do that is by being a part of a mastermind group.

While we all know the benefits of being a part of a mastermind, especially if you’re a business owner, what you may not realize is how those benefits translate into improved creativity in all aspects of your life. My mom friends are my family time mastermind and I have a marketing/business mastermind as well as a writer’s mastermind. Collectively coming together with others to help you in all aspects of your life can be critical to your success.

Benefit #1 – Creative Ideas from Others

Sometimes you just get in a rut and don’t feel creative at all. That’s when you go to your mastermind group and draw on their creativity. Let them know what you’re working on and ask for their ideas and thoughts about it. Soon you’ll probably have more ideas than you know what to do with and sometimes just one comment from someone else is all it takes to turn your creative thinking back on.

Benefit #2 – You’re Pushed to Think Bigger

When you’re a part of mastermind group, people will challenge you to think bigger than you’ve probably ever thought before. They’re going to encourage you step out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself to reach for bigger and better things. And if you’re going to be thinking big, it’s going to require you to use your creativity and think outside the box.

Benefit #3 – Partnering with Others

One of the biggest benefits to being part of a mastermind group is that you’ll get to know those in the group with you, and you’ll start building relationships with them. As time goes on, you may find someone you want to partner with on a project or someone else might approach you about partnering with them. It’s a win/win situation as long as the both of you do your fair share of the work. Even better, you’ll experience how the other person thinks and works, which will in turn encourage you to think differently – otherwise known as “be creative.”

Benefit #4 – Brainstorming

When you work for yourself, there isn’t anything much worse than getting stuck and not knowing how to move forward. But if you’re part of a mastermind group, you’ll be able to go to the group and brainstorm ideas with them. Let them tap into their creative thinking skills and knowledge to help you get unstuck and moving forward again.

These four benefits are definitely not an exhaustive list of reasons to join a mastermind group, but they do show you how being a part of a mastermind can kick start your own creativity. Simply by discussing ideas with others in your peer group, you’ll discover new and different ways of approaching and solving problems, and that is the biggest benefit of all.


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