25 Random Things About VaNessa Duplessie

by VaNessa Duplessie on June 11, 2012 · 20 comments

So this is one of those silly question and answer things. I cannot help but like to do them sometimes.

I did this one a while back and thought I’d share it here as a fun way or starting the week.

1) I am a proud member of Phi Sigma Sigma and love my sisters/friends dearly, even though we don’t see each other often. I am known as the Amy Keach of the West, which is an honor 😉

2) I have a sand phobia – most of the time it just makes me want to cry to get sand between my toes. Unless it is a white sand beach in the Caribbean or Mexico…then I can deal with it.

3) I do not know how to swim – yet we have a boat. Yes, I wear my life jacket

4) My favorite color is Green.

5) I am a hopeless romantic, love romantic movies and romance novels.

6) Most important thing in life is Family. Followed closely by helping others.

7) I am officially a political junkie. I love all things politics.

8) I am not the only one in my family to run for political office. My cousin has run for office in CA.

9) I love to nap. Really, it is one of my favorite things to do, ever since I was a kid. Yes, my children would never nap if I let them get away with it.

10) I do not like mushrooms, Tuna or most fish – it’s a texture and smell thing.

11) I gave up drinking caffiene. It has been 5.5 years and I’ve only had it a few times at an event or something where I didn’t want to be rude. Totally wired me. Instead I drink decaf coffee because I miss the flavor.

12) We’ve got a little vineyard planted in our yard so we can make wine.

13) I move to the NW because of the weather. What was I thinking? 😉

14) I am a personal development and business coach, helping people discover their life’s purpose and/or helping them grow their business.

15) I am passionate about Children’s issues. Our children really are our future.

16) I knew how to speak Spanish before I knew English. Although I am very rusty these days I can understand completely, just get stuck on the reply – I’ve lost the vocabulary words.

17) I liked English class but always hated Math – yet I ended up working in Finance for 10 years. Go figure.

18) My degree is in Entrepreneurship and I finished school before Entrepreneurship degrees became popular. People were like, “what are you gonna do with that?” At the time I was already self-employed and said, “What do you think?”

19) I met my husband on Match.com in the late 90’s when Match.com was barely heard of. 12 years and 2 kids later – I don’t think we did too bad.

20) I love Italy and cannot wait to go to Paris one of these years.

21) I love to watch weather reports and the weather channel. I should have been a meteorologist. If only science classes weren’t involved. Sigh.

22) My favorite movies are the Back to the Future and Indiana Jones series.

23) I have read all Harry Potter books and cannot wait to read them to my son.

24) I am addicted to American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance and have been to at least the last 4 concerts of AI and went to Last Years SYTYCD show in town.

25) I Tivo way too many shows but use them when I want to decompress and have mindless entertainment.

Wow – I am happy I got to number 25. I think I am tired now. I hope to find out more about you.

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