So this is one of those silly question and answer things. I cannot help but like to do them sometimes.

I did this one a while back and thought I’d share it here as a fun way or starting the week.

1) I am a proud member of Phi Sigma Sigma and love my sisters/friends dearly, even though we don’t see each other often. I am known as the Amy Keach of the West, which is an honor πŸ˜‰

2) I have a sand phobia – most of the time it just makes me want to cry to get sand between my toes. Unless it is a white sand beach in the Caribbean or Mexico…then I can deal with it.

3) I do not know how to swim – yet we have a boat. Yes, I wear my life jacket

4) My favorite color is Green.

5) I am a hopeless romantic, love romantic movies and romance novels.

6) Most important thing in life is Family. Followed closely by helping others.

7) I am officially a political junkie. I love all things politics.

8) I am not the only one in my family to run for political office. My cousin has run for office in CA.

9) I love to nap. Really, it is one of my favorite things to do, ever since I was a kid. Yes, my children would never nap if I let them get away with it.

10) I do not like mushrooms, Tuna or most fish – it’s a texture and smell thing.

11) I gave up drinking caffiene. It has been 5.5 years and I’ve only had it a few times at an event or something where I didn’t want to be rude. Totally wired me. Instead I drink decaf coffee because I miss the flavor.

12) We’ve got a little vineyard planted in our yard so we can make wine.

13) I move to the NW because of the weather. What was I thinking? πŸ˜‰

14) I am a personal development and business coach, helping people discover their life’s purpose and/or helping them grow their business.

15) I am passionate about Children’s issues. Our children really are our future.

16) I knew how to speak Spanish before I knew English. Although I am very rusty these days I can understand completely, just get stuck on the reply – I’ve lost the vocabulary words.

17) I liked English class but always hated Math – yet I ended up working in Finance for 10 years. Go figure.

18) My degree is in Entrepreneurship and I finished school before Entrepreneurship degrees became popular. People were like, “what are you gonna do with that?” At the time I was already self-employed and said, “What do you think?”

19) I met my husband on in the late 90’s when was barely heard of. 12 years and 2 kids later – I don’t think we did too bad.

20) I love Italy and cannot wait to go to Paris one of these years.

21) I love to watch weather reports and the weather channel. I should have been a meteorologist. If only science classes weren’t involved. Sigh.

22) My favorite movies are the Back to the Future and Indiana Jones series.

23) I have read all Harry Potter books and cannot wait to read them to my son.

24) I am addicted to American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance and have been to at least the last 4 concerts of AI and went to Last Years SYTYCD show in town.

25) I Tivo way too many shows but use them when I want to decompress and have mindless entertainment.

Wow – I am happy I got to number 25. I think I am tired now. I hope to find out more about you.

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Dr. Bob Clarke - June 11, 2012

From one fellow mushroom hater to another… what a fun post!

Beverly Monical - June 11, 2012

We have many similar things about each other. We both love the same TV shows.I can swim enough to be in a pool but not a lake.I also would wear a life jacket.My favorite color is green too. I might do a post like this too. A fun idea.

Michaela Kennedy - June 11, 2012

Wow, V, that’s quite a list! Let’s see… my first official job was a swim teacher at the age of 16 – want to learn how to swim? Would love the challenge of helping with that sand phobia too – it’s one of my favorite sensations, lol.

    VaNessa Duplessie - June 13, 2012

    One day maybe I’ll get over my swim and sand challenges…we’ll see. Just one of those things! Favorite sensation? Eeek! Good for you Michaela. You can balance me out then.

Melodie Kantner - June 11, 2012

I love the idea of a list like this. I am also addicted to American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance.

    VaNessa Duplessie - June 13, 2012

    I’m personally thrilled Phil Phillips won this year but everyone was so talented. I’m behind on Dance right now and need to get caught up! Don’t tell me what’s happening please!

Joany - June 11, 2012

Hola VaNessa, aprendi mucho de ti, me alegra saber que entiendes espaΓ±ol y que hayas tenido exito con Nunca e conocido a alguien con un degree en Entrepreneurship! Quiero saber, siempre pones la N en mayuscula en tu nombre o solo en la firma?
Un placer en conocerte!

    VaNessa Duplessie - June 13, 2012

    Hey Joany,
    Yah, I always put the N in my name, not just my signature. Something I started doing when I turned 16. I always wanted a fancy signature and that helped me get it. My plan was to be a film director and I needed my autograph to be cool πŸ™‚

Gavin Mountford - June 12, 2012

I love the idea of 25 random things about you… I might do the same on my blog! I love to nap also πŸ™‚ when I wake up I feel alive again and ready to crack on with being creative…

The sand phobia is interesting. My daughter Lottie seems to have a disliking for grass at the moment. Hopefully that will pass. We are NOT drawing it to her attention, we just continue as we would normally.


    VaNessa Duplessie - June 13, 2012

    I love meeting fellow nappers…napping is truly in my top list of things to do. (My son went through the grass phase – he got over it!)

Johnnie - June 12, 2012

Thank you for sharing, VaNessa, always great to learn more about you and from you.

Shawn Sparks - June 12, 2012

I like it. I think everyone should do one of these kind of posts.

Sonia - June 13, 2012

I loved this…I will have to “steal” this idea for a post. I found many things about you that are exactly like you. I don’t swim a lick! You know blacks can’t swim..HA HA! And I love anything Italian..especially men.

Napping is good for your body and the soul…helps give you the much needed rest we need and a great way to clear your mind during the day. I try and sneak one in with my doggies on Sunday afternoon. This was so fun and nice Vanessa and thanks for sharing more tid-bits about you!

Adrienne - June 20, 2012

I love this post VaNessa.

I can relate to a few of these but not all. I don’t drink caffeine at all. Haven’t for over 22 years now and I don’t drink coffee. Never have acquired the taste for that stuff.

I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance, it’s one of my addictions. I love watching those kids dance and like you, I DVR everything and watch it when I have time. Usually very late at night or on a Saturday or Sunday night. I do need my time to myself.

Thanks for sharing, I love these types of posts. We get to learn more about you.


Jaxi - July 30, 2012

political junkie too πŸ™‚
but love tuna – eat it daily
you are historical – re: they should use you as a spokesperson! πŸ™‚

John Rollow - August 4, 2012

VaNessa — What a great post. I can’t believe we are opposites on so many different things, and yet I admire what you do and like how you do it.
There are some commonalities: that bit about NorthWest weather, and “helping people discover their life’s purpose and/or helping them grow their business.” (This last one is new for me, and I’m still getting to know it.)
I’d never thought about a “25 Random Things” list (or 50 or 100). Since I’m trying to discover and define just who I am, maybe this would help.


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