I love writing and sharing valuable information. Yet, sometimes I do get too busy and “life takes over”. If you area a busy entrepreneur or business owner, like me. I think you’ll enjoy these tips on how to blog while busy.

How to Take the Blogging Weight off Your Shoulders

There is no question about it – blogging takes time. If you’re a a busy entrepreneur with a daily to-do list as long as your arm, you may feel like you don’t have the time to update your blog. However, it might be your day’s most important task, so don’t skip it. Here are some tips for taking the blogging weight off your shoulders and making blogging what it should be: fun, energizing, and creative.

Find Your Best Writing Times

Everybody has certain times of the day when they feel more inspired than others. For example, you might have your best ideas in the mornings just after you wake up. Set aside some time during these periods for working on blog posts. Strike while the iron is hot. For me, its morning time when I’m fresh and ready to go.

Load Them Up

Devote an afternoon or whole day to writing and loading up your blog with draft posts. Writing daily can be a chore and you may have days when you just don’t feel like it, or when other emergencies come up. However, if you write a number of posts at one time, when youíre on a roll, you can create enough for several days or weeks. Just upload it to your site in draft form. All you have to do is publish whenever you’re ready for another post. I strive to write weekly. You can write 4 blog posts on a Sunday afternoon and have them ready for the next month. Do that 2 times a month and you’ll have 8 posts to share. It’s a smart tactic. And you can even do a 4 part series so you’re in the thinking mode on a particular subject.

Keep an Idea List

Any time you get an idea for a post, write it down. It could be when you’re at work, out walking around somewhere, or even going to sleep at night. Start an ‘Ideas’ file and just keep adding to it. Whenever you’re feeling uninspired or have writer’s block, refer to this file and pick one that strikes your fancy. You might also set aside some time for brainstorming topics. Let the ideas fly and don’t judge whether they’re ‘good’ or not. An idea you think is off-the-wall now may be a winner later.

Know Where to Get Ideas

Bookmark some good sites for getting new ideas when you run out. You can find interesting ideas absolutely anywhere online, but some of the best places include forums, question and answer sites, article directories, social media sites, or other blogs. Read what people are talking about. Take each question you see asked online and write a blog post that answers it.

Outsource and Edit

Hire someone to write your blog posts for you and then edit the work they deliver so that it’s ‘you.’ One great way to save money doing this is to hire people to write short articles (300 words or less) to use as skeletons that you’ll flesh out. As you edit, expand on the points they make and add your own ideas. This is cheap and it saves you a considerable amount of time. If you find a good writer, you can also let them come up with post ideas for you. There are many online outsourcing sites that can help you find people to do this, including Fiverr.com and Odesk.com or Elance.com

When the Inspiration Dies

Whenever you don’t feel like blogging, stop. If you push it and write when you’re not feeling inspired, it’ll show. You need to give your readers nothing less than your best. And if you’re feeling uninspired, remember that there are simply days when the writing doesn’t flow. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Just take on some other tasks from your to-do list and move on. I have taken blogging breaks before, not only when I’m busy, but also when I’m uninspired. One thing to note: consistency is important with your content. Do what you can to get back in the writing groove as quickly as possible.

What do you think? Let me know if these tips help you and please share. You never know when the post you share is just what someone else needs to hear.



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