‎”Inspiration leads to motivation and motivation comes from WITHIN which leads to ACTION.” is a phrase I used this weekend in an email and it struck me as something I wanted to share with you here.

Here’s the thing….I can have THE highest best desire for your success.

I can teach you, I can love you and I can hold you up higher than you hold yourself. And I can want success so badly for you.

But that ain’t gonna cut it. I can only inspire you and give you tools and hope that you motivate and take what you learn and go and grow.

It’s a new month — 3 months left in the year. 90 days.

NOW builds your 2013. Now your 90 day plan starts.

I’m working on mine. I can help you with yours.

Let’s do this thing.

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Bonnie Cribbs - October 13, 2012

Wow! I think the title of this just freaked me out – only 90 days left in this year!! It’s amazing how fast this year has gone by. You have some great posts!! Thanks for sharing such great content with your readers. I look forward to your posts and updates.

Misha - October 16, 2012

Great and Inspiring post Vanessa.

I feel a lot myself that success in this industry really does come down to motivation, inspiration, and belief. I have setup a system with my blog and my Internet Marketing Academy that when I bring someone on to my team, I really feel that they have complete and total control over making their success happen. I can help them. I love doing it, but lots of times people fail without even reaching out for help from me, and with all the information I make available to each individual on my team, again in my opinion theres no reason for people to fail. It discourages me when people do, and I feel like Im doing something wrong as their sponsor, but when It comes down to it, I just really think that some people aren’t motivated enough to succeed in this world. I wish the best for everyone and want everyone to succeed, but some people I think just dont really want it enough. Well, anyways I might be reaching out for your help sometime sooner than later on a project Im working on.

-Misha Wilson

Seth - November 14, 2012

Vanessa Thanks for Sharing your insight on the 90 Day push into 2013 I think more online marketers should take your insight and implement this action Push into the New Year..Happy Marketing and Wine Making:)

Akos Fintor - November 27, 2012

Hey Vanessa,

Agreed. The fastest way to success is to model someone. Which is pretty much same as having a mentor.


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