Class Schedule

Welcome to my class listings page where you will find a variety of offerings to meet your needs and interests when growing your business. I have a knack for making the complex simple which helps people take the actions necessary to grow their business. With my classes you’ll get the tactical hands on help you need to get your business going while following tried and true strategies.

All classes are business neutral so it doesn’t matter what niche you are in, these classes are for you.

Strategic Trainings: Learn the strategic concepts involved with a topic and the basic tactical steps to get going. These classes are for you if you need to understand and develop a strategy to follow and implement.

Tactical Trainings: Beyond strategy comes the nitty gritty get it done portion of your business. If you generally know what to do but find yourself stuck getting started or doing it, these classes are for you. In tactical trainings we will deep dive in to the step by step aspects of each topic.

Small class sizes and affordable class fees let you develop a solid foundation in an environment that promotes learning and individual instruction. There’s plenty of time to ask your questions and get an answer tailored to you. And you’ll always be able to watch the recorded replay at a later time should you wish to revisit a lesson. Explore available classes below.

Classes will be continually added, if there’s a topic you’d like to learn more about please let me know so I can add it to the schedule.

Please note: If you sign up for a class and cannot attend live for whatever reason, you can email your questions to be answered and catch the recorded replay which will be available within 24 hours.


November 2016 Schedule

List Building 101
Your list is your greatest asset. In this class you’ll discover the importance of your email list and 4 simple ways to grow your list of subscribers. We’ll also cover basics of using an autoresponder email service and how to get started writing your first few emails.

Tuition: $25    Class Duration: 60 Minutes

Date & Time: Thursday Nov 3rd 9:00am PT/12:00 noon ET

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Email Marketing 101
You’ve started to gain subscribers, now what? In this class we’ll dive deeper into the functionality of your autoresponders and your email content. We’ll develop a working plan for 30 days of email marketing that you can duplicate month after month.

Tuition: $25    Class Duration: 60 Minutes

Date & Time: Thursday Nov 10th 9:00am PT/12:00 noon ET

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Cross Channel Branding 101: Managing it all!

You’re told you need to be everywhere: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Email, etc, etc. It can be quite overwhelming.

In this class you’ll learn how to put your best foot forward on the Internet by creating a compelling identity while not burning yourself out. We’ll cover use of imagery, what to say in your profiles to make YOU stand out and how to pull together a great cross channel strategy enhances your brand and leaves you with time to take care of other business.

Tuition: $25    Class Duration: 60 Minutes    

Date & Time: Sunday Nov 20th 8:00am PT/11:00am ET

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BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL –  2017 Strategic Planning
A popular favorite amongst my students is my end of year strategic planning session. I’ve done this class every year since 2012.

Don’t start planning 2017 in January…NOW is the time to set your goals in motion for the next year. This class may go longer than 60 minutes as I deep dive into planning your numbers, knowing your numbers, time management and setting yourself up for a great year ahead.

This is my Black Friday Special…if you don’t go shopping join us live and if you do like to hit the stores for all the specials, register, catch the replay and support a good cause!

$5 from every registration will be donated to our local food bank.

Tuition: $17    Class Duration: 60-75 Minutes  

Date & Time: Friday November 25th 9am PT/12noon ET

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December 2016 Schedule 

Cyber Cash/Extra Pocket Money
Want Free Stuff? Need extra money to pay off some bills, save for college, your daughter’s wedding? In this class you’ll learn how to create an extra income stream that you can tap into a) whenever you want b) in a few hours a week c) on your own time d) from your computer without a team or staff. You’ll love what learning this skill can do for you.

Doesn’t matter if you are a marketer, realtor, insurance agent, receptionist, school teacher, etc, this class is for you.

Tuition: $20    Class Duration: 60 Minutes    

Date & Time: Thursday December 8th 6:00pm PT/9:00pm ET

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