I am not one of those folks who has a perfectly clean office without even a lick of paper on the desk except for the notebook being used at the time. Instead, I am a piler and a clutter-bug for paper. When it gets to the point that I cannot take it anymore, you know it is bad 😉 And it got bad recently. This led to a trip to IKEA for new bookshelves in preparation for a reorganization and periodic de-cluttering.

My office is at about the halfway point and during this spring cleaning, I came across a set of motivational cards entitled: Today I Will. I pulled one out read the affirmation and thought – wow, I remember these and in the words of Tony the Tiger “They’re great.”

They’re so great I’ve decided to share them with you, my dear readers as a way to inspire you over the next few weeks.

I will pick a card, share the affirmation with some personal comments of what comes up for me  we can share this journey together.

Be sure to bookmark this site and come back daily as I’ll look forward to your feedback and comments if there are learnings and gleanings you grab from any or all of the particular cards.

Until then,

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