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When you read a piece of content by someone who’s passionate about their subject, you’ll hear a uniquely distinct ring to it. You can tell they’re truly enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their subject, and you’ll be able to feel that throughout any content they create. People are moved by those who speak with their real voice. Yet what most people don’t realize is that almost everyone who’s found their passion had to put in a lot of work to discover it. It doesn’t necessarily come naturally. So how do you find your passion and voice as a content marketer?

Start with What You’re Enthusiastic About

If you love internet marketing, get into the internet marketing field. If you love crocheting, get into the crocheting field. Ask yourself: What’s a topic that you could talk about for hours and hours on end? What’s a topic that you’d talk about and obsess about even if you weren’t getting paid? What’s something that really energizes you in life and gets you excited? While not every passion can be turned into a career, you’d be surprised at how many people do manage to turn their passions into money, even in very obscure fields. Start with what you’re really excited about. It’ll come through in your content.

Express Yourself Naturally and From the Heart

When you’re writing content, try to write as if you were speaking one on one to a friend. This will help you write more naturally, in a casual yet self-expressed and passionate manner. Try to write without censorship. Don’t worry about grammatical correctness or political correctness. If you’re speaking from your real voice, you’re probably going to turn some people off. However, you’ll also attract the kinds of people who can relate to you and become a long term community of followers. People who have strong voices are polarizing – Some people like them, others might hate them. But that’s how real followings are built. Seldom is a following built from people who try to please everyone.

Care about Your Readers and Their Success

Can you tell the difference between someone who’s written something and really cares if you succeed, versus someone who’s just writing the content to write the content? Most likely, you can tell that the former has a completely different feel to it. Naturally, it’s the people who really want to help us that we feel drawn to. When you’re writing content, ask yourself: Who are you trying to help with this content? How would you like their life to change as a result of you writing this content for them? If you really want to help people, they can sense it. It comes through in your writing and in any other content you create. It builds loyalty and a personal relationship with your readers.

Your passion isn’t “one thing” that people can point to and say whether it’s good or not. It is something that is sensed throughout your content, in the words you use and the way you present yourself. Instilling your content with a passionate voice will create a sense of community, loyalty and following, while a weak voice will turn people away from your content.






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