Whatever you do my dear friends, don’t get sick this winter! Why not you say? Well, this one is a doozy. I’ve been down and out for about a week. It all started last Monday with an itty bitty scratchy throat. I didn’t pay much attention to it. I rarely if ever get sick and wasn’t going to give in this time. Well, here’s what happened – the moment I let myself relax – WHAM – full blow ICKIES.

You see, last Monday was the start of Christmas vacation for the kids and for many life started to slow down a bit for the holidays. By Tuesday I was feeling even more off and by Wednesday I was down right miserable. It probably didn’t help that I had our family tradition of taking the kids to Zoo Lights at the Portland Zoo on Tuesday night and we had the pleasure of standing outside in the cold for over 2 hours. (Yes, mom, I was bundled up, but it didn’t help).

So, Wednesday I ended up trying to rest most of the day. I have been literally off the computer since last Wednesday. Aside from a few glances at email and Facebook from my phone I have pretty much been down and out for the last week. Not easy for an Internet Marketer.

As I said, I don’t get sick often. This means I’m not a very good patient 🙂 My poor family. And guess what? Now that I am on the mend I think they are starting to get it. Never fails right?

I tell you all of this because I want to share the lesson I learned. As you’ve read in the past, I go-go-go 110mph most of the time. I usually end up sick when I allow myself to slow down and relax – something about my immune system letting down its guard, I’m sure.

So, there I was last week with no interest in even looking at my computer much less sitting up and at it for 8, 10, 12 hours a day. Then the weekend hit and we were preparing to celebrate Christmas. There I was, in between naps, prepping gifts for the kids and prepping for visitors. I rallied and was able to hang with friends and family over the weekend and just asked them not to hug me – virtual hugs were good. I think I only gave one friend the crud from what I’ve heard.

It’s been a long week and only today do a feel well enough to sit with the laptop and type. I haven’t even checked email thoroughly enough to make sure there are no major issues. My thought has been – if there was a major issue, someone would call me or text me.

My lesson that I learned – the world will not fall apart without me for a week and my ego is still in tact. My facebook friends are still there wishing me well, my students aren’t mad that I’ve been away and are more concerned that I heal so we can kick butt in 2012, my business partners have picked up where I was unavailable and my family has survived without mommy being at 110% activity level (thanks hubby!).

Now the thought did cross my mind while sick and miserable in bed that if no one missed me this week – was what I do valuable and needed in the world and what if I just stopped and decided to do something else?  I’ve never sugar coated anything I’ve shared with you. I’ve been tired the last 4-6 weeks. Tired physically and tired emotionally. I even wrote about it here: Why I Almost Gave Up Coaching This Week.

Of course while lying in bed I realized that it was the ICKIES talking as I was feeling sorry for myself while hacking up a lung. Seriously, I was having a down right full on pity party. I’ve had a hell of a great year when I look back at all of the different successes but I wished it was more. (Don’t we all?) This was no time to make rash decisions to throw in the towel and curl up in a ball in the corner. Remember – never make a decision when you are feeling your lowest of energy levels. And I had to remember if I was feeling 100% I would never even think of throwing in the towel. I would instead decide to go 120mph.

Why is this a lesson you may be thinking?

Well, as entrepreneurs so many times we are chief cook and bottle washer along with mail clerk, customer service rep and VP of sales and marketing. Many of us feel that if we aren’t doing it all, we’re not doing enough or we feel we don’t have a choice but to do it all. Could we do more and is all we are doing worth it?

Believe me, I’ve felt this way many times over the years and I do know letting go of control is something I work on all the time. I have gotten much better at delegating where I can and doing the work that I love.

The lesson is to take the time to slow down and evaluate where you are in your life and your career and to adjust accordingly. You may need to adjust your strategy going forward for something that better suits your goals and dreams. Sometimes we just get going into momentum we lose sight of the road a mile ahead because we are looking 25 feet in front of us.

It seems the time I take to do this more often that not is when I am sick. I even wrote about this a previous time here: Ask and Answer the Hard Questions.

So, is now the time for you to evaluate and take a good look at where you are and where you’re going as we head into 2012? If you haven’t thought about it I’d encourage you to do so – without the ICKIES of course! I don’t wish this crud on anyone.

Please be healthy and take care over yourself during this coming winter season in the Northern Hemisphere.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and as always, please share as you never know when what you share may help someone else.

All the best,


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Adrienne - December 27, 2011

Glad you are feeling better VaNessa and on the mend now.

I understand what you’re saying and I read a post earlier this year where that online marketer got very sick as well and her business just came to a halt because of it. Great reminder that we all need a plan for when times like that will happen but then again, when your business is you some things are just a little hard to plan ahead.

I sometimes wonder the same thing, if I were to stop tomorrow would I be missed? Would everything I’ve built up till now just not matter any longer? In the grand scheme of things probably not but for those you have helped along the way I think we would be greatly missed. I for one don’t want to find out.

We all need to slow down and smell the roses more. Which is why I use the 50/10 rule. Work for a solid 50 minutes and then take a 10 minute break. You seem to get more done and get up and walk around during those 10 minutes. We all need those breaks so that we won’t run ourselves down.

Thanks for this reminder as we head into the new year. Hope you are well and ready for it now.

Best wishes VaNessa,


    VaNessa Duplessie - December 29, 2011

    Adrienne, the 50/10 rule is something I’ve heard of before in more general terms and I will implement that in my 2012 work day. Sometimes I get “stuck” at the computer for hours and am always looking for suggestions on how to do better in that arena. Thanks for the tip. Well wishes for 2012 for you too my dear!

Dr. Bob Clarke - December 27, 2011

Hi VaNessa,
Sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well, but looks like you got at least a bit inspired while you were down and out.

Totally agree there are times when we need to slow down and take a good hard look at what’s been working and what hasn’t… and to forge a plan for the time ahead. I like to do it on the beach, rather than the sick bed. 🙂

Feel better!

    VaNessa Duplessie - December 29, 2011

    The beach sounds so much better than in bed 🙂 I’ll have to work on that next time I have some down time. For now, yes, working on the plan ahead. And getting better first/fast is at the top of the list. V-

Sonia - December 28, 2011

Hey Vanessa, I was out for a week myself and it wasn’t a pretty picture. I know how you feel and I gave everything a rest for a few days. There were a few times where my hands were itching to get my laptop, but then I thought it wasn’t going anywhere and whatever is there will be there waiting for me when I get back.

It made me think about my “hurry” to finish things without actually thinking it through or doing tasks that make no sense. I hope your feeling better because I still feel crappy, but I am at work and hopefully it takes away the feeling that I am still sick.

    VaNessa Duplessie - December 29, 2011

    Sonia, I’m sorry you’re sick and glad I am not alone in these feelings. I hope you feel better soon and that you have a Happy New Year! VaNessa

Tom Brady - January 1, 2012


I think the marine corp motto of : Adapt, improvise, and overcome is something that you live by and that all entrepreneurs should live by.

Happy New Year!

Donna Merrill - January 7, 2012

VaNessa, I know exactly how you feel. Being in my own business for 30 some odd years, you would think I would be used to it by now. But no, I do lapse into a pity party or an anxiety attack. Then I always realize that my body is talking to me. Sit Down! During those times I lie there and realize the same things you did. Also I come up with pretty good new ideas during the process. So, It is a blessing and a curse so to say. But in the long run, I think it is because we get so used to being in so much control of things running our own business. We we get slapped down with an illness, we suddenly lose our momentum. We have a freak out, but then get over it. Cheers to a healthy New Year!

    VaNessa Duplessie - January 7, 2012

    Thanks for stopping by Donna. Isn’t that the way it is for us longtime entrepreneurs? The good things is we learn to get over it and not let it get us down :-0 Happy New Year! VaNessa

Akos Fintor - May 10, 2012

Hi VaNessa, I always feel like I have to be up at 6 on my days off. I am in the gym by 6:30….and get all my errands done, then WORK online the rest of the day! I never get enough sleep, because I want to read just one more chapter in my book! Then I wonder why I get “the ickies”. Taking care of yourself is #1. If you are over stressed and exhausted, what are you really going to get done anyway? Thanks and stay healthy!


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