My dear friends and readers, it has been a crazy busy time here in my world and I can’t wait to share more with you about what has been going on while I have been absent a bit. I want to tell you about my 2 weeks in the UK and all the shenanigans that happened there along with all kinds of new marketing things I’ve been learning about as well as how my computer broke down on me for almost 2 weeks.

I just need a few more hours in the day!

But first, I have to clear the air. I want to share with you why I became a member of the Empower Network and how I believe it is going to help the beginning and more advanced blogger in their online efforts.

As always, I continue to look for tools to add to my portfolio and when I find a good one I know I need to share it.

Here’s the link to the post that explains more on Empower Network and why I chose to join.

Empower Network and Why I am a Member

If you want to know more or talk about it, give me a ring or drop me a note.

All the best!

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Michael Harrington - December 14, 2011

Hi there, I am also involved with Empower Network. It is definitely the best opportunity I’ve ever been involved in. Everybody should join this ASAP. 100% Commissions, you can’t go wrong!


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