There is a popular song about Fathers loving their daughters and helping them become great women.¬†Well, on this Father’s Day, as a mother of a young son and a daughter, I want to send a big Happy Fathers Day to all the U.S. dads out there and say “Fathers Love Your Sons and Daughters“. They need you and we moms need you too.

UPDATE: 3:37pm PT – I received a note that this post was offensive to all the engaged dads out there by a dear reader named Joe who took the time to write and tell me so. ¬†Before you read further, please know that this post is meant as a kudos to dads everywhere (including my hubby, as you’ll see below) for rockin’ it with your kids. This post was in no way meant to tell fathers to do better, be better, or to dig on Dads. I just wanted to shout out Happy Father’s Day to All – love yourself, love your kids, love life. Really – that simple.

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As a mom it always warms my heart when their dad interacts with the kiddos, because honestly, he’s better with them than I am (at certain things). I worry and constantly say, “Don’t go too fast on your scooter, you’ll fall. Don’t run too fast, you might trip.” And while yes, I encourage my children in many ways, “Great job on that craft project” or “Awesome reading” I can sometimes be a nervous nelly for my children and they come back with, “Aw, mom!” I think part of this is from my own upbringing where I was more studious than athletic and more cautious than adventurous. (I think this led me to be the risk taking entrepreneur I am as an adult).

When the kids play in the yard with dad there is full on 100% fly by the seat of your scooter fun. And while Dad is more of the disciplinarian, he’s also solid as a rock – and not just metaphorically. They wrestle and climb on him and get carried around upside down or on his soldiers. Things they are both too big for me to do with them without hurting myself!

So, Dads your children need and love you.

No matter where you are in the world, “Fathers Love Your Sons and Daughters” because they need and love you too.

Happy Fathers Day Friends!

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Coach Freddie - June 20, 2010

Hi VaNessa,
I agree with you that Fathers should “Love Their Sons and Daughters” no matter where they are in the world.
Thanks for the nice post…

Coach Freddie


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