Over the years I have started and stopped a number of different businesses. Some on my own and others as a partner. Some as an LLC, others as an S-Corp or Sole Proprietorship. It just depends on the business situation. There are advantages and disadvantages to what business structure you choose to use. I want to advise you to look into the best structure as part of your business and marketing strategy especially because the structure you choose will directly effect your budget and direct income.

I’m not the expert here but I do follow expert advice by speaking with my accountant/financial guru before forming any business. I write this post as a reminder to some and a starting point for others who visit here for information on starting a business.

If you want to start a U.S. company, there are many services offered on the internet to help you incorporate or start your business at fairly affordable prices. I recommend that you talk with your accountant prior to registering with one of these companies so you know the proper structure to use.

Personally, I have would much rather pay a few hundered dollars to have the paperwork done properly, that to try to do it myself. I’ve done it both ways, and much prefer the latter. Dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s is very important.

Some of the companies out there – and these are in no way a referral or recommendation, include:


You get the idea. If you do a Google Search on Business Incorporation Services a whole list comes up. Do your research and make your choice based what you are comfortable with for services offered, support offered and any other critieria you may desire.

Just know, there are companies out there that can help you navigate the paperwork process and their fees are reasonable.

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