One of my mentors, Mark Hoverson is relaunching his most recent product.

He’s re-opening his Irresistible Information Blueprint Product that walks you through
how to create and market your own products no matter what experience you have.

You can get more info here
to find out more info when it opens later today.

And you can catch a 5-minute-mini-preview here:

Anyway, it would be terrible of me as your mentor, coach and friend to
not share this with you since it opens later today.

I buy lots of products. I’m talking lots. I spend lots of money to find the best.
I do not recommend them all. I recommend maybe a handful.

I HIGHLY recommend Info BluePrint. This product helped me make an EXTRA $6K in
2 months AND allowed me to go to Austin,TX for a mastermind session with the top leaders in internet and network marketing. See my post: How I Made it on The Boat.

That weekend was PRICELESS and the friendships I have made have saved me time, made me money and made me happier.

As I do when I have a product I believe in wholeheartedly,
I will be coming up with some awesome bonuses for those who buy through my link

Here are the Bonuses you get when you buy through my link above:

1) Lifetime Access to my WordPress Express Product ($197)
or an Extra 1 hour of coaching time if you already own it.

2) 5 hours of coaching time to help you put your product together ($1000)
3) Lifetime Access to my Inner Circle ($37/mo X forever)
4) Installation and set up of Theme and Easy Video Player 2
for your product site ($167)

I might throw another bonus or two in there if I get inspired.

Just know that it will be well worth MORE than your purchase price of Info Blueprint
AND will include one-on-one time with me and my teammates
to help you implement your learnings, create your product and stay on an action plan.

Implementation is critical.

Here’s the info link again:

Go Grab those bonuses!

All the best,

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