I saw a great post on my friend Diane Hochman’s Facebook wall recently and she always sparks thoughts in my mind. On the off chance you don’t know who she is you need to go check her out. She’s a dear friend and mentor of mine.

I’ve worked with the best and have been mentored by the best including Jonathan Budd, Daegan Smith and Diane. I love these three people deeply. They have been around for the long haul and will be around for the long haul. All three are very different and I am blessed to take the best from each of them into my business.

Work, action and mentoring are what have brought me where I am today.

I’m no different than you. My success comes because I am teachable. Truly teachable. And I have a big Why.

Even when it pisses me off and they make me cry I remain teachable.

Even when pushing to transcend to that next level and it scares me, I am teachable.

Find a mentor/coach/teacher and let that person GIVE you their knowledge. ACCEPT it and RUN with it 125%.

THIS is the BIG Secret.

Its pretty simple.

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