My dear friends. I wasn’t sure the best way to share with you what I want to accomplish in the next decade of my life. I wrote my culminating post for my 30’s earlier this week as so many of you have commented on.

Then it occurred to me as I worked on the Share Your Dream Friday Project with my friend Edward Elliott that it was the perfect outlet for this vision.

To view the post and video visit  the SHARE YOUR DREAM FRIDAY website where you will be able to watch my 3 minute video of my dream for the next decade and beyond.

Don’t miss it! I want you to hold me accountable to it!

All the best!


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Tom Brady - October 9, 2011

Hey VaNessa

I loved your video and as usual you are honest and sincere. I am so blessed to be working with you as a student and at the same time become a friend.

Your 40’s will be AWESOME and I know you will make all your dreams come true.


Debbie Turner - October 12, 2011

So I clicked on over and watched the video. You’re such a giving person and there’s no doubt that you impact the lives of thousands over the next 40 years. Keep inspiring and leading. I’m so glad we’re friends.

Debbie Turner
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