Its the first of October. For MOST, its the last quarter of the business calendar year.
This is truth for me too, my business runs on the calendar year.

However, today for me is the first day of MY personal new year.

My birthday is in 3 days (I do not say that for birthday wishes).

My personal year has always been October – September.

As I reflect on my just completed year at first glance I say, “Hot darn, I did well.”

Then I look and say, “And what can I do better this coming year?”

This weekend will be a time of reflection.

Today begins the next yearly chapter in my life. There are things I want to BE, DO and HAVE this next year.

Do you know your BE, DO and HAVE goals and desires?

Proper planning is essential.

The goals you set and take diligent committed action towards, are the goals you get.


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