Well, the weather has finally turned for the better here in the Pacific Northwest. What that really means is that we’re getting a mix of sun and clouds. This year has been one of the rainiest on record and with two young children, we’ve felt the effects of cabin fever.

2 weeks ago my son completed first grade and is out for summer vacation. I remember longing for summer vacation as a kid and little did I know what my parents went through making sure I had care while they worked. Luckily, I had grandparents close by and between a mix of years at day camp and with my grandparents, I never had a summer worry other than having fun. And I want that for my children.

As an entrepreneurial family with both parents working from home it has been quite an interesting few weeks adjusting to the summer schedule. We’ve been so used to the quiet house everyday that it surprised me when I had to lock myself in my bathroom the other morning to take a phone call uninterrupted. I’d forgotten all about how many times I have done that in the past.

We’re fortunate enough to have great care for our children so we can run our businesses. Finding activities to occupy the kids has gone well so far, yet with 8 weeks of summer left to go, I’m not sure how much more creative I can be. Camps, trips to the park and the zoo and our science museum are all on the docket along with many play dates.

My son was out two weeks ago as one of the earliest schools to dismiss for summer. As of this week ALL schools are out for summer and I want to share this great video clip as an ODE to Summer Vacation.



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Beth Allen - June 25, 2011

Hi Vanessa~ That was a funny video of that song, never seen that before. 🙂 I have a few years to go before I will be in your shoes ~ at the moment I have a 3 1/2 year old who is in a school that goes year round, 8-1pm, so I have great consistency. Well, have HAD great consistency….baby boy #2 is due in the next 2 weeks!

I do remember summertimes growing up, and with 2 full-time working parents, I can now reflect back and really appreciate all they did to keep us engaged, active and having fun. Half my life growing up they worked out of the house, and then from 11 on they were full-time from home, and I have very distinct memories of each. A beautiful part about being home, like you and your husband are, is that they were suddenly able to create windows of time that were all about us. They had signals we learned about when we could “interrupt” them in their office, and during those times we could go in and get their full attention (for a bit). It was awesome to know they were available, whereas when they worked out of the house I often really longed for their attention.

Anyhow, it sounds like you have a great model of personal experience, and will figure it out in a way that you all can thrive (bathroom phone calls and all….i can relate there already!) 😉

Thanks for sharing your story, and have a fabulous summer both getting things accomplished and having fun with your kids, Vanessa! As we all know, the time really does fly, and there is nothing better or more valuable to do with our time than to cherish our time with our children, at least in my opinion. 🙂

Jaclyn Castro - June 26, 2011

I totally recall the days of summer (in between the new school years) when I would stay at my grandma/grandpa’s little mom & pop store all day while my parent’s were working the 9-5 job. My parents were fortunate to have a safe place to keep us (what better than to be with other family members) while at work.

My baby (turning 4 yrs. in July) is in summer school at the moment so I can be consistent at what I do from home. And my daughter (which JUST graduated from highschool couple weeks ago) was always at home with either myself OR my mom during her school/summer days growing up.

It’s a great feeling knowing that my husband and I didn’t have to look far to make sure our kids are safe and occupied in between the school years (of course this applies to my daughter b/c my son JUST started preschool 3 months ago :-)).

Sounds like you also have it under control even though you have to run to a quiet spot to make a phone call. I totally remember dodging into the restroom to do the same when my son was not mature enough to understand why the room needed to be silent.

Have a great rest of the summer with the kiddies, VaNessa. This summer will be the only summer when you can create those memories unlike the previous summers…that’s because every year is always different :-D!

Here’s to a happy and memorable summer!

-Jaclyn Castro

Joyce Edwards - June 26, 2011

Hey Vanessa,
Living in the Midwest this summer has been like living in the Great Pacific Northwest. I can’t remember a rainier spring. I do remember fondly summer vacations and the fun that the family had. I don’t have any children but my new puppy sure loves that we can go to the park so she can play with her friends. It really helps to get her tired so she doesn’t bug me when I am reading great posts like yours!

marquita herald - June 27, 2011

Very cute video. I don’t have children of my own, though I do have some very clear impressions of what it’s like once school is out for the summer. When I was in direct sales summer marked the time when practically everyone I met with had one more more small children hanging on them or battling for their attention. Early on it made me crazy, but I soon learned to value those times as an example of how to balance all sorts of situations, including demanding children with business for my budding entrepreneurs-in-training.

Willena Flewelling - June 27, 2011

My son is in 5th grade and STILL isn’t finished for the summer! His last day is tomorrow. He has already planned out his summer… a week with his best friend, another week with his best friend staying here, a week or two with his married sister….. and some time here and there with us. LOL

I always had mixed feelings about summer vacation. We seldom went anywhere as a family, so there wasn’t much to look forward to there. Our summers were spent swimming at the town swimming pool, playing at the school playground, and occasionally seeing our grandparents or other out-of-town friends. The mix in my feelings came from the fact I could go all summer without seeing some of my favourite friends.

Willena Flewelling

Rick Lelchuk - June 28, 2011

Funny video.

It is a blessing to be able to be with your children as they grow. Whether you know it or not you’re infusing them with the spirit of entrepreneurship. My parents worked from home before it was fashionable and it has infused me with an independent nature.

These are times to be treasured. Children grow up so fast and the next thing you know they are off into their own lives and calling mom and dad becomes a second thought. Cherish what you have and know you’re giving them a unique foundation in life.


Ben - June 28, 2011

Making a phonecall in the toilet – that’s not something I’ve done yet.
Scheduling my calls around nap-time, staying up extra late so that I have the peace and quite to actually think and getting up early to catch up on the workload – those I know.
But how can you say no when a little voice comes from the door. Dadda come. come dadda. Then you put down the laptop and you go and walk around the yard for half an hour of fun exploration.
Great post Vanessa


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