Spring is upon us and it is almost time for me to do some spring cleaning when it comes to VaNessaDuplessie.com. Just like many of us do here in the US when spring comes around, I am the type of person the likes to take this time to regroup. Usually it means cleaning my office.  😉

Earlier this week we tackled the linen closed, rearranged the kids rooms and worked on the play room. I feel good about where the “house” items are and not it is time to move on to my “business house”. Along with cleaning up my office, again, I will be slowly modifying this site. I’ve been wanting to do it for a while but the timing just wasn’t meant to be for odd reasons.

So, before I get all technical on you about the changes I plan on making…heck, I might just surprise you as I do them, I wanted to let you know that I will starting a guest blogging program this spring. If you are a blogger and are interested in participating this will be a good opportunity to share your knowledge and let me showcase you and your business. I’ll have some rules and such and they’ll be easy to follow.

Don’t be surprised as you come back to visit if you see subtle changes (pages moved) or major ones (a brand header and color scheme).

This is all about progress and keeping things fresh and moving forward. I’m going to take what’s working and improve upon it an I’m going to try some new things. Doing this for the blog is just one avenue of spring cleaning. Since this is how many of you have come to learn to get to know me, it is an important step in making sure you really get to know me.

That’s what I have on deck so far this spring. What about you?

Come back and visit often and watch the spring cleaning in action.

Have a great week ahead!

All the best,

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Dr. Bob Clarke - March 9, 2012

Sounds like a great idea to “spring clean” your blog…. get rid of those un- or underused plugins, remove all those blog revisions and anything else that could be slowing your blog down. Thanks for the reminder, V!

Have a great weekend!

GT Pease - March 10, 2012

While you’re polishing up things around the house you’ve built, I’m just now pouring the concrete! e.g. only now learning what FB is about, SEO, Twitter, WP, etc, etc, etc.. Lol. Thus, for me, life is just one big Study Hall! My mind is spinning; %^$@#! Your house seems well built, so enjoy your “spring cleaning” since you’ve earned that right!

    VaNessa Duplessie - March 14, 2012

    It gets much easier every day you do it. Then next spring you’ll be won’t have as much clutter on the brain because it will become clearer.

David Merrill - March 14, 2012

Good idea to put things in shape once in a while, VaNessa.

We get so busy driving forward all the time, we forget to scrape off the rust, get a lube, rotate the tires and get ready for the next 100 miles.

Thanks for reminding me to do a little maintenance once in a while.

Bill Jenkins - April 19, 2012

Your spring cleaning has been an inspiration! Kim thinks that the White Knight has flown through my office! Blessings to you!


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