This week I’ve been at an event in Las Vegas. The presentations have all been inspiring and there are a ton of great people here.

Here’s one of the takeaways — Most people start with the WHAT in their business then move to the HOW of their business. They leave the WHY to the end reasoning process. When in fact, we need to start the other way with the WHY we do what we do.

This video was shown opening night. It’s Powerful.

Watch this Ted Talk and I’d love to hear your thoughts below.



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Debbie Short - December 9, 2013

This is such a thought provoking video…….

Really has got me thinking. Time to flip everything on it’s head don’t you think!

Scott - December 30, 2013

Thanks for sharing this VaNessa. I had shared this video with the FFBB group on Facebook, but I had lost the link I had to it. I was just wondering about this video just very recently and was thinking I needed to go find it again. No need. You’ve got it right here.

Watching this video inspired me (along with your trainings) to motivate myself (motivation comes from within, inspiration is external) into making my ‘why’ the starting point of my message for my business. I did this even though it didn’t make sense to me, at the time, how making my ‘why’ the focal point of my business message was going to work.

You see, my ‘why’ is ministry. I didn’t understand how to integrate ministry into business. That’s when it came to me: Be a minister to local small business owners and minister to their needs. And allow the Lord to take control at any time. I already know how to minister to the spiritual needs of others, and it works. I can use the same heart of ministry and minister to the needs of local small business owners too.

Leading with my ‘why’ instead of leading with my ‘what’. It has changed the whole ball game for me.

Once I started doing this, the doors started opening up for me. It’s working. Amazing stuff, this is.

Thanks again for sharing this with us VaNessa.

All the best to you!



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