Yesterday I hopped on a Google Hangout with some buddies of mine who make a lot of money working from home.

I’m helping them streamline their business for maximum efficiency and leverage.

You see, they work multiple streams of income and wanted help pulling it all together and reigning in some operational stuff, so that they could better serve their team.

When the request for my advice came in, I was a bit surprised. I probably shouldn’t have been but I was. These guys are marketing pros. They are big shots in their own right. I’m thinking to myself why do they need me?


So, I hope on the phone and do a consult and we realize yes I can help them with what they want to do.

We plan a second call.

Next call is with the core 4 team members. That was this hangout.

Within 45 minutes I had them tied up with a little red bow and on their way to implement their leveragable plan.

That’s all it took. LESS THAN 2 HOURS of time. Simple. And they were GIDDY with GLEE.

And that is when IT HIT ME.

For years I have been saying “I Make the Complex Simple.”

“I put the straight line in between A and B.”

“Simple Steps to Complex Stuff.”

“I give you Clarity.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. If you don’t know the basics or the difference between a list and a blog post, then there
are trainings I do to TEACH Marketing and that kind of clarity. And I LOVE doing that.

However, if you KNOW marketing, have all your stuff in place yet aren’t where you want to be either monetizing or organizationally and you keep spinning your wheels, THAT’s where I can step in and within an hour or two have YOU tied up in a little red bow on your way too!

One of my students who is a cancer specialist makes over 5K a month in her side business promoting a cancer info product.
Proudly, on her way to making over six figures this year in that side business she makes me smile.

She had all the pieces. I just put the puzzle together for her.

Another pal of mine has a huge FB following and list and wasn’t monetizing to his advantage, he’d make a grand
or two here and there. We spent an hour on the phone and I helped him pull it all together.

He had the goods, just needed a few tweaks. Last two weeks alone he made over 10K from that audience.

Makes me happy! (And he did send me a Starbucks card).

So, if you’ve got the goods already and you know the difference between a blog post and a Facebook ad, you’ve been marketing
and spinning your wheels, what I have to say next may make your day.

I KNOW in my heart of hearts than ONE HOUR with me can change your business for the better.

I KNOW that my 6-8 week training classes help people learn the important parts of marketing.


I’m GOOD AT giving you the plan to move your business forward. I can see the holes and tell you exactly how to fill them to
increase revenue TODAY. I give the IMPLEMENTATION steps, not just the idea.

The question is…will you implement it? I don’t know. That’s for you to decide.


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Mark Murray - March 6, 2014

Yes. You’re good at what you do. Keep inspiring fellow entrepreneurs.


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