Today I want to share with you information about a topic that I’ve been involved with since 2011 when I started my first online radio show to help Non-Profits and Small Businesses. Podcasting is what I want to share with you today.

What is a Podcast?

A podcast is a type of internet radio show. Podcasts are mp3s or other audio files that can be streamed online or downloaded. Like a radio show, podcasters broadcast on a regular schedule, but unlike radio, podcast episodes can be made available to listeners for download anytime. Similar to TIVO, podcasting is an on-demand medium where listeners can choose what they want to listen to when they want to listen to it. To me this fits in very well with our current on-demand society.

Each episode of a podcast covers a certain topic that’s related to your niche or your listeners’ interests. Podcasts can offer news, advice, interviews, step-by-step instructions, entertainment, and other content. If you look at a podcast directory, you’ll see that there are podcasts covering virtually every topic under the sun.

For most podcasters, there’s little money to be made directly in podcasting. Podcasts are typically offered for free or very cheap prices. But, there are other reasons podcasting can help your business.

Podcasts Are Popular

Podcasts are popular and only gaining in popularity. People love podcasts because they can listen to them while commuting, exercising, or going about their daily business. For most people, audio is an easier way to digest information than reading text.

Your Personality

Your podcast adds personality to your marketing. Instead of just reading your content, your audience can actually hear you speak. It’s another point of contact that you have with them. It gives your audience another way to get to know you building know, like and trust.

A Worldwide Audience

Through your podcast, you can reach a wider audience and lead them to your website and other marketing channels. Anyone in the world can listen to your podcast and you can reach people who don’t read blogs, watch videos, use social media, etc.


You can monetize your podcast, but only if you’ve built a good following with it first. Monetization strategies include getting advertisers or sponsorships, or offering premium episodes.

Cheap and Easy Marketing

Podcasts can be used to grow your audience, gain exposure, and bring new leads to your other marketing channels. On top of that, it’s extremely low-cost. The gear you need to start podcasting is minimal and posting your podcasts on the internet doesn’t cost anything at all.

The Democratization of Radio

Finally, podcasts are beneficial to the world at large because they allow for different points of view. Anyone can start a podcast on any topic. Compared to radio, which has restricted programming that only certain individuals have access to, podcasts are democratic. You don’t have to go through the regular channels to get your message heard.

Building an Online Community

When starting your podcast, it’s good to have a marketing or monetization strategy in mind, but at first, think of it as a way to build an online community. Tap into the kind of news or content your audience wants to hear and indulge them. If your programming resonates with your audience and your podcasts are so informative and entertaining that your listeners can’t wait for the next episode, it will lead to more exposure and eventual

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