I love affiliate marketing and I am always on the hunt for great products that will help my followers as well as myself. That said, I don’t just market everything to everyone. I’m pretty choosy about what I share with the world. I’ve got a couple of favorite products that I will continuously share over time because their value is super high. I have a plan and for the most part I follow it.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t get anywhere without a good, solid plan. Your first step before you sign up for any affiliate programs or start shopping for products to promote should be to sit down and map it out.

Your Goal

The most important part of your affiliate marketing plan is to have a clearly stated goal. It’s not enough to say that you want to make money with affiliate marketing and choose a dollar amount and a calendar day by which time you want to be making that money. Write down your goal and place it somewhere you’ll see it every day. Then, from that big goal, create the smaller sub-goals (or steps) that are going to get you there. Commit to taking daily action on each of these sub-goals and chart your progress.

A Well-Chosen, Very Specific Niche Market

Don’t try to be all things to all people. As I’ve already discussed recently, focus on a very specialized niche within a bigger niche. You’ll find that there’s less competition and it’s easier to establish yourself as an authority. People in sub-niches are also more into their niche, and they’re hungrier for products. Try to imagine your target market as a specific person. Then write out a detailed description of that person. Ask me for my target market training and I’ll send it to you.

An important part of choosing your niche is selecting your keywords. Use your keyword tool of choice to identify your main keywords, category keywords and longer phrases you will be targeting as part of your affiliate marketing. These will guide your website design, your content creation and your link-building.

Strategies for Getting to Know Your Market

There are lots of ways you can get to know your market. Your strategy should be a combination of several different methods such as niche blogging, social media, and forums. Knowledge about your market will completely determine your success. Before you get started, find out where your market hangs out and be there to listen to what they’re saying.

Methods for Driving Traffic

Don’t try every single traffic method at once. Instead, choose a few proven methods and work them into your weekly and daily routine. For example, you may decide to submit 3 articles a week to directories, write 2 blog posts a week, spend 30 minutes a day posting on niche forums, etc. Monitor your traffic methods and drop any that aren’t producing results. When you find out about a new strategy that you’d like to try, add it into your schedule. This goes for paid advertising as well. Knowing your budget is a big piece of that puzzle.

Stay Organized

Before you get started, make sure that you have a method for staying organized, especially with your accounting. You can get accounting software and time management software to help you do this. Create a system for organizing your files and set aside some time each week to clean up. Its not always easy and I know that when I fall behind its harder to catch up. Learn from my lesson  😀

It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? It takes some time to create a good affiliate marketing plan, but having one in place will save you lots of time later. When you’re goal-oriented, organized, and knowledgeable about your market, it makes it so much easier to make money online as an affiliate. It’s so much better to have a plan that to just throw stuff out there that doesn’t fit your niche.

And if you find any cool products I might be interested in knowing about, shoot me an email and let me know!



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