It is that time of year here in Washington State (not DC). We’re getting ready to vote for a local school funding bond. The last few times we tried to pass it, it failed. A few years back I ran for a position within our state government and I didn’t make it. Both experiences brought forward the old adage – every vote counts.

And, so here I am taking up space on my blog to help get the word out that I want your vote and I need your vote. And EVERY vote counts. Vote for what you ask?

I was nominated earlier this week to be a speaker at the No Excuses Summit 3 to be held in Las Vegas, NV this coming April. It is a complete and total honor to be nominated among the best of the best in our industry.

Two years ago my very first industry event ever was the first No Excuses Summit. Since that time the event has become one of the premier events our industry holds. I remember sitting in the audience watching the speakers give their presentations. I was in the industry for about a year at this time, I had hired a guru coach, and I was in serious learning curve mode. I still remember vividly what some of the speakers said at the time. Their stories and their learnings stuck with me, changed me.

Now two years later, I have the opportunity to be someone who makes a difference in the lives of others, especially folks new to our world. And I need your help to do this.

As votes started to come in earlier this week and the number of votes grew I realized I have a serious shot at making it to the 2nd round of decision making.

While the first round is to gauge popularity of individuals, the second round will dive deeper into what a person can bring to the table, at least that is what I gather. I’ve got a great speaking topic that will help people triple their income with one specific approach and I am excited to flesh it out and share it.

I’d really like to make it to the second round of decision making and I need you help to do that.

I am asking for your votes. It will take 30 seconds. Voting closes January 31, 2012. Here’s how you vote.

Go Here: Voting Link for No Excuses Summit 3

You’ll see my photo at the top.

Click “Like” above my photo.

Then click “Confirm” then “Like” again and Post to Profile
(you can always hide it on your profile after the vote registers)

That’s really all there is to it.

If you’ve enjoyed my writings and have followed me for a long time or a short time I hope I’ve helped you. Either way, I appreciate you dear reader and hope you’ll take a moment to help me advance to the next level of the voting process.

Please let me a comment and share this with someone else. I appreciate you.

All the best,



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Stephen Peters - January 27, 2012

You got my vote for NES3!

Lilach Bullock - January 27, 2012

What an amazing honour:) I voted for you twice (Google + & Facebook)

Best of luck:)

JosephJYoung - January 27, 2012

Hi Vanessa!
Voting is done, best of wishes for you!


Herbert - January 28, 2012

Count my support on this one Vanessa. Good Luck

Evan Gould - January 30, 2012

hey Vanessa!
I want you to know that you certainly have my vote(s)!
Your unique blend of experience working with individuals, businesses, and organizations, combined with your ‘heart’ to make a difference in the lives of others will make you a ‘stand-out’ speaker at that event!
I sincerely hope that you are given the opportunity to speak at the prestigious No Excuses Summit in Las Vegas in April 2012!
Good luck…and continued success!
Evan Gould


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