I recently started back up at the gym. If you were following me last year, you know I started a running challenge with myself. I turned 40 the year before and vowed to complete my very first 5K race before turning 41.

Now you see, I have no love affair with working out or the gym. I NEVER have. It has never been something that has excited or that I’ve been able to stay in the groove with. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll go on a stint of working out for a year or two, then I’ll drop off for 6 months to a year at a time. It depends on what is going on in my life.

Now, my hubby on the other hand, even before his heart attack LOVED working out 5-6 days a week. Not because he LOVED it but because he developed the HABIT of working out and came to MISS it when he didn’t workout on a regular basis.

So, last fall I fell into my most recent slum. I stopped running and working out. Life got busy, the kids went back t school and I “fell off the wagon”. So much so much that I noticed the extra pounds start to show up.

Instead of that motivating me, it made me feel even worse. I made me even LESS excited to get back into the workout mode.

I KNOW what I need to do to help my situation and I have been making the conscious choice to NOT do what I needed to do — WORKOUT.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually found that I enjoyed my running routine. I didn’t enjoy ENOUGH to give up the time I felt I was giving up to GO and RUN.




Oh c’mon – you guessed it.


I lied to myself thinking that I was ready. I wasn’t

For Christmas I asked for a renewal of my time with our personal trainers.

I started back. Went a handful of times. Then life kicked back in and kicked me off my routine.

My brain knew it would happen and knew I was lying to myself when I said I was READY.

I knew I wasn’t strong enough yet mentally to beat all the odds that were against my EXERCISE MENTALITY.

I’ve always had a poor mindset around EXERCISE. NO matter how much I wanted it I never made the choice that I needed to make. Until a few weeks ago.

What happened a few weeks ago?


Yes, a crazy crazy workout of dance moves and exercise moves and moves I don’t know what my two left feet would call.

I’ve attended two classes and I’ve fallen in LOVE with Zumba. I’ve found something external that has motivated me internally. I’m looking forward to continuing to keep the LOVE alive

Where the heck and I going with this…gimme a minute.

I’ve just told you that for years I struggled, painfully so at times to figure out how to get myself going in the Exercise department. I thought running would do it…and as a matter of fact it is the closest I’ve been to excited over exercise EVER. I do still run from to time and plan to increase that schedule and now adding ZUMBA I feel like I have TWO things I can wrap my head around that will keep me on the path I Desire for my health and wellness.

I can tell you this…


You see when it comes to BUSINESS I have NO mindset that prevents from the drive, motivation and EXCITEMENT that have for ALL THINGS BUSINESS. Sure, I work on my mindset daily when it comes to my business but I have never had to STRUGGLE around my business mindset.

I’ve been in business since I was 8 and always knew I’d be in business. I have ups and downs when it comes to the years I’ve spent but I never wavered or thought about quitting. I never went months or years without working on my business consistently.

What I find in my day to day live when working with clients and students is that many have the same mentality that I have regarding EXERCISE towards their business. Its no wonder they stay stuck and struggle like I did and do.

Does that make sense to you?

You see what I think the critical piece of motivation that was lacking for me, was a mindset that exercise is not FUN. It’s boring, it’s tedious, it’s hard work.

Well, you know what…NOT all parts of business are fun either.

There are boring days, there are tedious days and there sure as heck are days filled with a lot of hard work. Especially in the early stages when you’re just getting started. (Sounds kinda like going back to the gym after a year off, eh?)

So you see…it doesn’t matter what area of your life you are ready to tackle, there are three things that have to happen on order to find your motivation.

1) You need to commit to the task at hand at a level you can complete. This is a solid “I’m ready commitment.” A day at a time, a task at a time.

2) You need to find inspiration from outside of yourself until you can be internally inspired. This can be finding a mentor or a supportive partner to work with.

3) You have a desire so great for the outcome at hand, you can’t imagine your life without the completion of the outcome.

So, take a look into your life and see where you excel or have excelled. And make a decision to commit to the next task at hand, then commit again and commit again after each task is completed. The more you follow through, the more you will actually believe in yourself to complete the tasks and reach the outcome goal.

This works well for your life as well as your business.

Please drop me a comment and let me know what you think of the above. Love exercise? I’d love to hear how you keep yourself going. Also, please share, you never know when the message you share helps another person.









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Bill Jenkins - March 4, 2013

Love exercise? No way. Love swimming in the ocean? Love SURFING? Oh yeah, baby. That is the best exercise I get. I like walking and hiking, which I guess is exercise all it’s own, but you’re right, when you enjoy it, it is so much easier.

When it comes to business, I just don’t have enough hours in a day. I love working, because I know it’s always paying off! If not today…then tomorrow!

Great post (a lot of honesty in there!)

Clarence Ely - March 9, 2013

Would this mean you are a great dancer at the end of your classes? I bet so…Here is to having moves likes Jagger!


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